Maya James

Maya James enjoys the finer things in life: good conversation, learning new things and delicious food. Whether taking a class to learn a new skill, or teaching herself Spanish via a free phone app, she understands that life is good when you challenge yourself. It is especially wonderful when you enjoy the journey along the way. A Chicago native, born and raised, she takes pride in her city, but considers the rest of the world very welcoming and travel essential. Maya finds cultivating relationships and taking her time in all things, a must. A writer, she blogs when she can, and takes notes for the future or soaks up memories when she can’t.

Maya’s passion is working with small businesses to help them amplify their voice via social media and blogging. She also works as an event planner, specializing in logistics, and as an outsourcing agent, helping small businesses grow and refine their practices.

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Maya James's Articles

How I Employed Indifference to Activate a Healthier Outlook at Work

Elite runners aren’t distracted by the non-essentials. What if, like them, we focussed only our stride? An argument for a little indifference at work.

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How Time and Money Can Activate Professional Change

Sometimes, activating professional moments sneak up on us. How do we change when they do. Here’s how Maya James allowed time and money to activate professional change.

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How To Deal with A Difficult Person

Dealing with a difficult person is challenging, but it’s not like we can banish them to their own island. Here’s what to do instead.

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When I’m the Difficult Person to Work With

When we label someone the difficult person to work with, do we ever stop to consider why they are being difficult or consider their point of view?

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When To Compromise and When To Hold Your Ground

When running a small business, deciding when to compromise and when to hold your ground can be a challenge. Negotiations can be tough to navigate.

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Let’s Redefine, Re-Adjust and Rethink Human Resources

Has our traditional understanding of Human Resources departments become outdated?Maybe it’s time to rethink Human Resources.

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Leading Through Uncontrollable Circumstances

Sometimes circumstances in our real lives are better leadership training than any professional development could ever be. Maya James shares her thoughts on leading through uncontrollable circumstances.

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When Good Isn’t Good Enough

When we encounter a good opportunity that isn’t quite perfect, it can be tempting to take it. Maya James shares her experience and why she’s waiting for the right opportunity instead.

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A Moment Please: Why We All Need to Take a Minute Occasionally

We get sidetracked all day by emails, texts, phone calls and social media. How much would your productivity improve if you were undisturbed. Maya James shares why it’s important to take a minute occasionally.

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The Power of the New Year Recharge

There’s something about the beginning of a new year that’s inspiring. Maya James encourages us to embrace the power of the new year recharge.

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Considering Citizenship

How much thought have you put into your citizenship? Writer Maya James, has decided she no longer wants hers to just happen to her.

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The Importance of Forgiveness in the Professional World

We talk a lot about forgiveness in our personal lives, but how does forgiveness (or lack of) impact our professional relationships and our work lives?

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