Have you ever thought about all the choices you made in life? Narrow them by the ones which could have taken you down a different path.

There is a thinness between many choices, meaning that a small change could have easily led you down a different path. Many of our decisions are made quickly while some may have taken a very thoughtful, time-filled response. Either way, life engages us in ways we are not always prepared, yet the ramifications can be life-impacting for years to come.

The purpose of the Thin Difference blog is to highlight choices which have taken people down various paths and discuss other philosophical musings about the slight turns life brings us.

The focus of the Thin Difference blog is on three topics:   life, choices, and leadership. The categories are:

  • Everyday Life: We encounter many life lessons every day, from what we do, what we read, and what we see happening in our communities and beyond. Posts in this category will be wide-ranging and will focus on discovering life’s lessons in our everyday lives.
  • Choices Explored: We make choices each day. Some made for the long-term, others in the heat of the moment. Some made with good consequences; others made with life-changing consequences. Understanding and exploring choices made will facilitate greater understanding and, hopefully, better choices in the future.
  • Re: Lead:  In short, Re: Lead reviews various decisions made and examples set by many different types of leaders. We learn from mistakes, and we work hard to avoid them (and even harder to avoid failure). We need to continue to learn and grow; it is what makes us better people.

In the end, it is about our choices, the corresponding consequences, and the difference made. Our goal should be to make inspired ones.