Stuff in the MiddleBeing in the middle is good and bad. Sometimes, it’s not so good, because you can get stuck. Other times, it is the best place to be, because you are bringing things together in a perfect way.

At no time in life is being in the middle gear a good thing. If your automobile is in neutral (aka, the middle), then you will go nowhere meaningful. You can coast, but when is truly coasting through anything really good? Sure, sometimes, you need a break, and coasting downhill gives you a break. It gives you an overall feeling of relief and freedom. Overall, though, you need to be engaged.

You see what can happen discussing the middle? You sound awkward, wishy-washy. Such is the problem with being in the middle.

Think about it a little more.

What are some good things in the middle?

  • The white stuff in an Oreo cookie
  • The jelly in a Pop Tart
  • The crème in a middle of a donut
  • The center of a Tootsie Pop
  • Most things between two slices of bread

What are some things that are not so good in the middle?

  • Middle seat in an airplane, car and, maybe, just about anywhere
  • Being stuck between objects (think 127 Hours)
  • Being squeezed into a tight corner
  • Middle of an accident – not your fault, but….

So, here we are. Stuck in the middle of a middle discussion!

Over the next few posts, we are going to poke around the middle. This will be a series on the Meaning of the Middle. Stayed tuned over the next week, and please join in. Get in the middle of the conversation…