A great football championship game between the Oregon Ducks and the Auburn Tigers happened last night. Congratulations to both teams for a thrilling game!

A key play which is credited for the Auburn win can be watched here:   BCS Championship Game – Key Play

Most players thought Michael Dyer was down, but his knee never touched the ground. The Oregon player almost had him tackled, but Dyer resisted and went on to run and set up the winning Auburn score. All this happened during the final three minutes of the game.

Michael Dyer had almost given up, but some of his team members and coaches encouraged him to keep running. So, he did. After review of the tape, it was confirmed that his knee never touched the ground.

What a great life lesson! You are not really down when people or challenging times are working really hard to pull you towards the ground; you need to keep on your feet and move to the goal line. You can survive and win!

Life is more than a single play. It is a series of plays which all need to be tightly bound and inspired with purpose and heart. It is more than just a game of inches.

Remember: You are not really down when you think you are or when some people try to tell you that you are.

Listen to the encouragement of your supporters and coaches.

Keep your purpose in mind, and keep moving forward.

This is why understanding the thin differences in life are so important.