What a great word! I love words which just sound like what it is or just make your mouth tingle when said.

Blurt is one of those words.

Blurt means to utter suddenly or inadvertently.

BlurtPeople blurt things out… honesty just spills out like an uncovered cup of hot coffee.

Blurting can sear, but then that’s what the truth does occasionally.

Since it is sudden or inadvertent, a blurt is typically not well thought out. It is our initial reaction. Many times, it is our candid thought, unfiltered.

We need to be respectful. We need to be caring. But, don’t we need to be honest, too?

The answer is clearly yes. Timing is essential. The setting may be as well.

Get the environment right, and then blurt away!

We may be filled to the brim with our honest assessments, barely holding it all in. It’s pricked, and it just pops out. If it doesn’t, we may completely burst or, worse, float away from the situation. Move on. Quit. Divorce. Check out. Catch the next train… You get the idea, and none of these actions are necessarily the right step either.

So, maybe we need to blurt more. Be more honest in our conversations. Be more authentic in what we are feeling.

Blurting is the new honesty, at least with a splash of tact.