Choices of SignificanceWe make so many choices in any given day and week. Some are small, and others carry a wallop. The smaller choices happen without much thought. They’re easy. The other ones we may avoid or delay them into oblivion. Is this a good thing?

The answer has to be “no.”


If we spend our days and week only making the easy choices, then real life changes or boosts will never happen. We are not living the dream; we are sleepwalking!

Each week we need to ensure we are making choices of significance. By choices of significance, I mean:

Choices which make us better individuals, better fathers or mothers, better spouses, better leaders, better citizens… they just makes us – and the people around us – better.

If we make at least two choices of significance every week, do you think we would live a more inspired life?

Thursdays are good; let’s use this day as the Choice of Significance Checkpoint.

While Thursdays offer enough time to make choices with a punch, it also gives us time to choose during the remaining days of the week. Thursday also give us time to think about the week ahead, plan for the next two choices of significance.

Each Thursday, identify one choice of significance you made, and one choice which still needs to be finalized. The goal:  Two choices of significance each week. Doable.

For this week, the one choice of significance I made:

Instigate and encourage participation in One Day Without Shoes. Stepping out to promote such an event was a good personal thing to do, and it did raise awareness while giving our organization an opportunity to join together across functions.

For this week, the one choice I need to make yet:

Finalize summer plans with my sons. I really want to do a Father-Sons activity to build those long-term memories and relationships. I have spent time doing the research and narrowing the options, but I still need to select two options and get my sons involved in making the final choice. My objective is complete this by Sunday.

What choice of significance did you make this week? Which choice is left to make? Please share them below.