Everything about the human body is truly amazing, and our eyes are no different. We often think of our eyes as a way to see outward. They look ahead of where we are going and communicate back to the rest of our body as to how to navigate where we are going.

what do people see in your eyesSome of the brilliance of our eyes includes:

  • More than 2 million working parts
  • Every hour, 36,000 bits of information can be processed
  • Only a sixth is exposed to the outside world
  • Except for your brain, the most complex organs you possess

Even with all of this, our eyes also do something else that we don’t think about as often; they provide a look inside. Our eyes deliver insight to what is on our mind and in our being. Maybe this is why only a sixth of your eyeball is exposed outward.

Think about it.

When you are talking with someone, you can tell from their eyes whether or not they are really listening or really engaged with what you are saying.

When you meet someone, you can tell almost what type of person he or she is through their eyes. Are they friendly, intense, aloof, uptight, intimidating, welcoming, thoughtful, or threatening?

When you look in their eyes, you can practically tell their mood. It could be sad, happy, ecstatic, hurt, ornery, serious, hate, or love.

When you are in a deep conversation, you can tell if they are attentive, distracted, interested, or disinterested.

Our eyes communicate something about us. They communicate something about our soul and character.

And, then, as we age or encounter tragedy, they communicate something a little deeper. They tell friends and family whether or not the same person is present; the same person they knew twenty years or twenty days ago. We look into their eyes, and we may see something different.

The weight of the years has worn what was once inside, and there is emptiness to what was once there.

The impact of a tragedy has so deeply impacted someone that the same twinkle or intensity is absent.

When I looked into my brother’s eyes recently, I did not see the same person I once knew. There were sporadic sparks of what I remembered, but clear gaps of what was once present. Has his soul or mind changed? Probably. Can it be recovered? Maybe, but not the same as it was.

Yes, it has been said that our eyes are a window into our soul, and I believe this is true. Our eyes communicate a lot about what is happening inside each of us and what is on our minds. They give people a peek in – letting us navigate inside and get a sense of the person.

And, yes, I realize it is more than our eyes, and I know not everyone may have the use of theirs. There are so many other wonderful outlets for our soul and mind to shine through.

The point is:

Life can wear on us.

Joys can brighten us.

Disaster can fall on us.

Events can enliven us.

There are so many things which come our way, but we need to let our soul and mind shine through.

We need to ensure:

  • Our soul is aligned with our outward expressions
  • Our mind is aligned with our interactions
  • Our inner self is articulated and connected to our external community

Our eyes translate what is inside of us. What are they saying?