Off the HookThis is my initial reaction to this month’s Reverb question. There is nothing we should let ourselves off the hook for. What happens when we do?

When we let ourselves off the hook…

  • We get lazy.
  • We believe we are invincible.
  • We believe we our own press releases (perceptions) of ourselves.

To be clear, my definition of “off the hook” is:

To give ourselves some slack in what we are trying to do, puting visions into action or acting on worthy principles. To lessen the accountability in achieving a result or change in behavior.

“Off the hook” is different from taking time off or taking a break. In these instances, our actions translate to relaxing, refreshing, or renewing. All of which are important to keep a stiff backbone and our resolve to move forward and advance visions, goals, tasks, changes, and the list of doing important things for a spirited-filled life goes on…

We must never ever let ourselves off the hook. When we do, bad choices are made. Questionable decisions are put into action. Our lives get off track. We lose focus. We lose civility. We lose passion. We lose… as well as those all around us. The ones that really lose when we let ourselves “off the hook” are the ones we care for and those who care for us.

Is this harsh? Maybe.

Is redemption possible when we fail? Absolutely.

Let yourself off the hook? Not for a minute.

Keep yourself in check. Keep others in check.

Let’s stay on the hook for living a better life and doing inspired things.