I know.

First, it was a post on change.

Next, it was a post on pace.

And, now, it is a post on change of pace.

They are related in that we need to we need to pace our approach, knowing that change happens in different forms. At times, we need to explore why our thoughts and actions need to advance.

Get Out of Life Ruts, Change Your PaceIt is so easy to get stuck in life ruts. We find comfort in our routines.

More dangerously, we get stuck in our thoughts and outlook on how things should be. It is not that we need to change what we believe, but we should read different viewpoints, think new thoughts. Gaining a new perspective will help reaffirm, change, or enhance what we believe.

Stale minds deliver rusty results.

Sometimes, we need to be shaken awake from our daydreaming thoughts of life. To get to new levels of actions requires thinking uniquely about how to get there, and getting there can be through new or reaffirmed principles, thoughts, or philosophies.

So, stir your mind a little. Here are some suggestions:

  • Read a book that takes a different position than you do. Earlier this year, I read Anarchy Revolution. It wasn’t a book I would normally read, but I did gain a new perspective on punk rock and a few other topics on faith and life.
  • Listen to different music. Music inspires, so break the bold of what you listen to; it could open a new brain wave or two. I will read about a new group and then just buy the CD. Sometimes I win, other times I don’t. Overall, though, it is a gamble worth taking.
  • Drive home a different way. This one is so easy yet often overlooked. It always amazes me when I drive home a different way how I will notice something new. Even better, somehow my mind opens up a little differently, and I may gain a new idea on something. Taking small actions of doing something different can open big windows of new views.
  • Talk to someone new. You may be standing in a line, waiting… Take the time to talk someone in front of you or behind you. Who knows what the conversation will spark. If nothing else, you will feel good for making a small human connection. Other times, it could be conversation which opens a door of perspective.

There are just a few ideas on ways to gain a change of pace.

Change it up. Your pace of change may depend on it!

How do you mix things up a little, change your pace?