Are you trying to live a meaningful life, a spirited life? How does it really happen?

It is a question we wrestle with – some do it successfully, others do not. When talking about life as a warrior dash, part of the conversation was around our soul or spirit, mind, and actions. It is not a journey to discover the role of these three elements; it is the struggle and opportunity to get our lives rightly aligned.

There may be two ways to think about working with our soul, mind, and actions: Closed Model or Engaged Model.

Closed Model. Too often, we take a closed approach. We tend to our soul as a separate entity. We train our mind to stay in what is known. We take actions without thinking them through or without any connection to what that feeling (spirit) inside is trying to tell us. Each is done in a silo and, consequently, we may just muddle through our life.

Closed Model: Soul-Mind-Actions

Engaged Model. An engaged life is more than this. It isn’t clear lines of delineation; it is interactive between all three. The lines become broken, creating spaces to engage our soul, mind, and actions in a composed concert. Relationships between the three require orchestration. When this happens, our soul and mind create sparks for an ignited, meaningful life.

Engaged Model: Soul-Mind-Actions

We need to open up, so our soul fluid can surge with our mind and, together, they produce our actions. With this flow out, there is ebb in, bringing fresh energy into our mind and soul. It is a continuous movement.

It is so tough to do, though! Where is the time to open up, free the lines that divide us into compartments?

I struggle with this, and you may as well. It must become a practice; we must try.

There are many sources available from meditation, prayer, yoga, reading, plays, concerts, symphonies, walks, runs… the list grows with things we can do to create the flow between our soul and mind. You never know when or how a spark will strike.

When the inspiration happens and our actions are determined, we then need to have the time to do what is sitting inside us. Again, time enters into our life equation.

We have time; it is how we use it that is critical. I am going to try a few new things to open my flow a little more. Here are my thoughts:

For my mind:

  • Three or four times a week, I am going to read something out-of-the-norm for me. It may be a simple article. It will just be something different.
  • Each night, I will ensure I have enough evening time to read a book for at least 30 minutes before falling asleep. This means, shutting everything down a little earlier than usual.

For my soul:

  • In the mornings, I am not going to turn anything on for 15 minutes. I am going to think or read, whether it is a poem or a short story… just something to start the day with a new thought or inspiration. I am going to start small and do this 4 out 7 days.
  • At least three times a week, I am just going to write thoughts going through my mind and feelings moving through my soul. These writings may not be published; I will take Gwen Bell’s guidance and write at

For my actions:

  • I need to carve out time at least 2 hours on the weekend and maybe 2 hours during the week to do work that inspires me and, hopefully, others.
  • I need to do some sort of volunteer work at least once every two months.

In reading this, it may sound like too little or, for some, too much. I think it may be too little, but it is a start. And, that is the key. We need to start.

What actions will you take open the flow between your soul and mind? What actions will result, do you think?