Reminder: Thanksgiving Is Still Here!I love what Nordstrom did. They placed signs that said, essentially, we are going to honor Thanksgiving; no other holiday decorations will be put out until this holiday is celebrated!

Job well done. Thanksgiving needs some breathing room. It is a special time, generally uncommercialized and focused on the simple value of thankfulness.

After all, Thanksgiving is about breathing. It is a time for us to take a brief pause and breathe in deeply in at least three ways — gratitude, relationships, and preparation.

  1. The deep breath of gratitude. The name of the the holiday says it all – Thanks Giving. We give thanks for what we have been earned and been blessed with. We breathe in deeply a true sense of gratitude, recognizing what we have gathered and sharing with others what we can.
  2. The deep breath of relationships. Thanksgiving is a time of relationships. We breathe in deeply our families and our friendships. During Thanksgiving, we sit around a verbal table of conversations and reflect on the beauty of the people around us.
  3. The deep breath of preparation. Thanksgiving is a time between. It is one of the reasons it gets squeezed, yet it is a time for us to breathe in deeply, relax, and plan the coming holidays and remaining days of the year. We prepare for the activities ahead.

Breathe in deeply this Thanksgiving.

  • Breathe in the gifts of life, and breathe out your gratitude to all around you.
  • Breathe in deeply the gifts of your relationships, and breathe out renewed connections.
  • Breathe in deeply the gift of preparation, and breathe out a new outlook for the time ahead.

Breathe in deeply this Thanksgiving, and take the space of this holiday and use it well! Keep Thanksgiving pure.

What will you take a deep breath of this Thanksgiving? Take a moment to add your perspective below.