Top 10 Least Read Blog PostsAs we look back, we evaluate things that went wrong as well as the things that went right. Writing is no different, so I went back and looked at what my top 10 least read posts were. Here they are for all to ignore… again!

1. The Meaning of the Middle Series: A Wrap – I wrote a series about the middle, and this was a summary post. Given this fact, I am not too surprised that it was my least read post.

2. It’s Thursday: Have You Made Two Choices Yet? – I wanted to try something new, and I let it fizzle. The objective was to start having people think about the choices they need to make each week and put some accountability around them. My initial objective was to make this an interaction point on the Thin Difference Facebook page.

3. Winkelvoss v. Shawshank: The Real Test – The purpose of this post was to discuss when to give up. This was one of my 2×2 analysis, and it was on principle and reputation. Maybe this was too murky of a comparison.

4. Being Liked Versus Doing the Right Thing – As leaders, we want to be liked, but how far do we take it? This was the thought behind this approach, and maybe I did not flesh it out enough.

5. Why I Joined the No Labels Movement – No Labels is about working together in Washington, DC, to solve our problems. The post fizzled as did the movement (for the most part, anyway).

6. Tilted Moderates: Danger in the Political Movement – This post explored how moderates are becoming endangered. It just didn’t resonate, I guess.

7. It’s a Walk On World This post was about the Burlsworth Trophy, recognizing walk-on football players. I love the thought behind this award, and it is applicable for all of us to a certain degree.

8. A Thought or Prayer for Advancing Forward – My attempt at writing differently… so much for that attempt!

9. Biscayne Days: Taking Youthful Risks – I like this post, still. It was about taking risks, and it highlighted a personal story.

10. The “I” in Team’s Pledge – This was my play on the thought that there is no “I” in team, when there actually should be. Anyway, it did not play out that well among readers!

Why do this? Why highlight my least read posts written in 2011?

For me, it was part curiosity and part the art of getting better. We cannot learn fully unless we look at what did not work well, too.

What I learned is:

  • My writing needs to be crisper.
  • My topics may not always resonate, but there is still learning that happens through writing.
  • Focus is important. Topics may stray too far, and readers may just skip them.

My goals: Continue writing, and continue improving.