Hope & ConnectionsHope is one of those funny words. On the surface, it sounds good. Up with hope, right? Meanwhile, there is a downside in that people can hope for bad things to happen to others. This is not a good thing, but our world is imperfect.

Beyond all this, hope often seems hollow. Hoping for something isn’t really doing anything. It is like closing our eyes tightly and, hoping beyond all hope, when we open them, all will be better. How often does that work?

Hope just seems like giving up. Placing whatever happens in the hands of others… seen or unseen.

There is a kernel inside of hope that is inspiring though. Hope delivers an outlook that things can get better and be better. Hope inspires change. It drives aspirations as well.

To make hope come alive, it takes a connection. This what makes hope real.

By connection, I mean:

  • Hope becomes real when a people join in to lift up a cause or desire.
  • Hope becomes real when we take positive action to change our direction, habits, or intentions.
  • Hope becomes real when we modify our thoughts to embrace a new enabling paradigm.
  • Hope becomes real when communities come together to make positive changes happen.

Hope thrives, and survives, on connections to actions and between people.

I realize we cannot control everything or make all things happen. I know this where hope comes in – placing our trust in something or somebody to intervene and make our wish come true. This is one side of hope.

The other side of hope is when we can do something. We can affect hope, enabling wishes and taking actions to move things in a positive direction. This is where we can, and should, play a key role in delivering hope to our families, workplaces, and communities.

Today, we have more ability to reach across boundaries and set hope in motion. This is one of the reasons why I believe HopeMob is a worthy Kickstarter initiative. In HopeMob’s words, it is –

“…exactly what it sounds like – a mob of people bringing hope.  Just as Flash Mobs dance and bring spontaneous joy and laughter, HopeMob will bring caring strangers together to create sudden, yet organized relief and hope…

If Mother Teresa built a platform with the tech base of Groupon, Foursquare, & Netflix & the heart of CNN Heroes, it would look like HopeMob!”

In my words, HopeMob is about connecting our social media world with our real world, delivering hope to real stories about real people in real neighborhoods.

Hope is about connections. Connections make hope real.

Are we making hope real enough today?