Guest Post from Marcela De Vivo

Getting into college seems like it is the biggest thing students have to worry about. Once you arrive, it’s nothing but smooth sailing, right?

Well, not technically. With today’s job market the way it is, choosing a career seems just as monumental as deciding which college to attend. The thought of becoming jobless after going through so much schooling is not exactly comforting, but actually landing a job seems increasingly difficult. However, there are some careers that are a little bit easier to get into, and it pays to do your research.

What Should Be Your Career Choices?

With this helpful infographic from Cedar Ed Lending, it’s easy to compare which job would make any parent proud and which ones might mean landing back under mom and dad’s roof for another year. Before heading out on a career path, with no turning back, consider something that’s going to be around for awhile. Nursing and education are among the ones that look to withstand the evils of today’s job market, while a job in the fine arts department may not be so wise. Get your applications out there, but before you do, consider your options.


Guest Author

Marcela De VivoMarcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and online marketing professional in Los Angeles. With three kids of her own, she realizes that she has much planning to do so that they can best take advantage of life’s opportunities.