Millennial PerspectiveThin Difference is designed to be an intergenerational forum. With a clear focus on Millennial leaders, the goal is to empower your generation to become conscious leaders, build stronger teams, and lead a richer life. Many of you are already on this path while others are getting underway. I believe by sharing perspectives and experiences we will all become stronger leaders. This is our mission.

Recently, we started the Millennial Momentum series to highlight individuals on their leadership paths and in their unfolding ventures. We have learned a lot from their stories.

We want to take what we do up to the next level. Today, we have a Boomer and a Gen Xer involved in the site. Through guest posts and other stories, we have heard various Millennial voices, too. We want to grow this presence.

To continue to build this intergenerational forum, we would like to add two Millennial writers to Thin Difference. I believe this will enhance the conversation and do much more.

There are at least two questions you may be asking. What is the commitment, and why would I do this? Both are valid questions.

The commitment is to write and publish one post per month. The post will be under your name, and it will provide links to your social profiles.

A reason you may be interested is to build your brand presence. Thin Difference attracts a robust, growing reader base and offers you an opportunity to leverage an existing platform to elevate and engage others in your perspective. At the end of the 12 months, the objective would be to have our audience get to know you better and follow your insights through your social channels.

Another question may be on what topics to write about. There are three broad categories:  leadership, creativity, and mindfulness. Within each, there is leeway to develop ideas and offer insights. The goal is to provoke thinking about concepts and engage in a conversation.

The requirements are simple:

  • You must be a Millennial (According to Pew Research, born between 1977 and 1993)
  • You must be willing to write one original post per month for one year
  • You must be able to write well

If interested to learn more (and there are a few more details to discuss), please complete the brief form below. We will contact with you with the added information and next steps. Our evaluation will be based on the requirements above, and we will select two.

Note: The application process closed on June 15. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you!

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to potentially working with you soon!