Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt isolated as an entrepreneur!

Like many entrepreneurs, back in 2007 when I launched my first small business I went at it alone. I was the web designer, merchandiser, chief of marketing, director of operations — you name it, I did it — alone. Of course, it was tough to own a business while raising two toddlers. So, in the end I decided to sell it and move on.

But the honest truth of the matter is that it was isolating doing it all on my own. I was missing that feeling of being a part of a team. The feeling of brainstorming with someone else and accomplishing goals together — that feeling of being part of a community of like-minded folks.

Community Through Collaboration

I learned my lesson, though, and my projects today are basically all collaborations. There is no competition. I work with amazing people on multiple different projects. I get to enjoy that feeling of community and collaboration that deep down many of us desire even if we don’t realize it.

By far the best part of it is that I get to contribute in a small way to changing the things about the world that I feel passionate about. If I didn’t work with others, I would have a much more difficult time making those changes.

Five Reasons to Collaborate on Your Next Project

I know that so many of you are already working together with others — it’s a millennial trait after all. But just in case you’re on the fence, I’m sharing five reasons why you should coFind Community Through Collaborationnsider collaboration for your next project.

1. You Can do Multiple Projects Simultaneously

Starting something new, whether it be a business, organization, movement or passion project, can be all-consuming. By working together with others, you can decide who is responsible for what and have set times to work on the project. By creating these boundaries, you can compartmentalize your project and open yourself up to doing even more creative work.

2. You Can Have Passion Projects as well as Money Makers

We’re all hustling trying to make ends meet. I know this. It can seem unrealistic to work on A or B that you have always dreamed of. By collaborating with others, you can work on that passion project you’ve been dreaming of in smaller increments while still focusing on making cash. Collaboration takes the weight off and provides a lighter load for all involved.

3. You Get to Meet Incredible People and Open New Doors

Some of the most valuable experiences come from unexpected encounters, meetings, and introductions. It’s all about networking, right? By collaborating with others, you have no idea how many doors may open for you and how many potential employers, friends, and co-workers you will meet. There are no limits!

4. You Build Up Your Resume

Maybe you’re having a hard time landing a job in your field of choice — don’t spend too much time dwelling. You can work with others and build up your resume in the meantime. It’s all an opportunity to add new skills and experience to your resume.

5. You Diversify Yourself

When you collaborate with others, creativity flows and others can pull out of you something that may have been dormant for some time. Every moment of this collaboration allows you to diversify yourself in unexpected ways and diversity is crucial in today’s economy.

Are you sold on collaboration yet?
Have you worked with others? Share your experiences below.