I think we can all agree that sometimes, social media can be a little much. Many of us go through periods of time where we are tempted to shut down an account and retreat for a while, and some of us do. It’s also always invigorating to go on an unfollow-cleanse: delete those who cause envy or bring about negative emotions; it happens!

Some of us however, aren’t able to do so because we use social media for work purposes and can’t take the time away from it. Or, others are just starting a new business and are hoping to build up a new audience this way. In these cases, sometimes social media can become a little bit toxic because there is no opportunity for respite. We are completely sucked into its vortex.

One thing that we may not realize when we are in this space of social media + entrepreneurship is that we can actually be hurting our work in the long run by letting ourselves succumb to common pitfalls.

How Social Media Can Sabotage Entrepreneurs

Today I’m sharing some ways that entrepreneurs may sabotage ourselves when it comes to social media.

1. Living in a State of Scarcity

Both new and established entrepreneurs can live in a state of scarcity. This may include you if you recognize the following ideas as thoughts you have:

  • Your work isn’t catching peoples attention.
  • Your website/products/storefront isn’t nice enough.
  • You’re not sure what you need to do to connect with your audience.

It’s that constant feeling of lack — like you’re putting yourself out there but not getting anything in return. I think many entrepreneurs have been there, and what you need to know is that scarcity begets scarcity. You need to shift your thinking away from this and into more positive territory. You are doing important work, whatever it may be. Own that and be proud.

2. Over Promotion

I understand, you want to get your work out there. But there is such thing as over-promoting, and it’s important to find the balance between promoting your work and alienating people. Make sure to engage in other ways and worry more about making friends and contacts as opposed to promoting your work. Build trust above all else.

3. Under Promotion

I’ve chatted with many entrepreneurs who say the same thing, “I’m bad at marketing myself/my work.” Some even have an undertone of, “I feel wrong doing it.” Much like over-promotion you have to find that balance, but I guarantee that if you worry you’re not promoting your work enough, you probably aren’t. Place value in what you do and don’t be afraid to share it.

4. Comparing Yourself to Others

This is a huge one. Because honestly, who doesn’t compare? It’s innate, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. We need to raise each other up instead of tear each other down. Start looking at others who are doing a similar thing to you as possible partners for collaboration — the creative power is unstoppable.

5. Not Being Yourself

This may be one of the most difficult feats to accomplish in business these days: being yourself. I loathe using the word “authentic,” but it’s accurate here. Don’t try to copy others. Be strategic and intentional, but give yourself some room to grow and be who you are/who your brand is. Trust yourself and your business/project with thank you.

Do you recognize these pitfalls?
Have you experienced any that you can add to the list?