Summer is vacation time, and everyone needs to take some time off to refresh their perspective and renew relationships with family, friends, and nature. The benefits of vacation time are clear. However, there are certain things we cannot afford to take vacation from, yet we seem to be doing so with greater frequency.

We cannot afford to take vacation from decency.

The tweets from Trump lack decency. The latest ones were denounced by both political parties. A president sets a tone, and this one is setting the wrong tone. We can never use this as an excuse though. We can condemn and, more importantly, we can set a better example.

With Trump, the opposition and comedians are given rich material every day. While each play an important role, governance is necessary. Just because the given material is obnoxious and divisive does not mean the reaction needs to be as inappropriate and disparaging. Remember decency.

As citizens, we can extend our hand to help those lumped together and disparaged. We can support the importance of a strong media in our democracy. We can lead our organizations and neighborhoods with the decency and civility that makes ourselves and others better individuals, leaders, and citizens.

We cannot afford to take vacation from our core values.

We need to review our vacation policy and ensure we are vacationing in the right places.


As a nation, we have certain values of balanced branches of government and responsibilities of citizenship. We have values of freedom of speech and religion. More to the point, we have values to hear dissenting opinions and learn from diverse viewpoints. We have values of civility in our interactions.

With freedom, we stray off track. Freedom lowers barriers, but it is no excuse. We need to catch ourselves, apologize when needed, and re-center our conversations and actions. The presence of core values must be constant.

We cannot afford to take vacation from solving problems.

Without solving problems, we sink into a mire of stagnation and frustration. Through our society and business history, we show the tenacity to solve big problems in big ways. Space exploration, the national interstate system, and social issues of environment, equality, and equity are just a few. Within our problem solving, we don’t always get it right, or we slip back into old ways.

Renewing our resolve to improve, grow, and create better communities, services, products, and legislation is what sets us apart from other forms of government and business. Solving problems and improving outcomes are vital crux points for our human existence.

take a vacationWe cannot take vacation from taking a break.

Technology advances, and our need to take a break from the constant flow of information. In many ways, unplugging or taking a break is more than a need; it is a requirement.

For our brains to refresh its outlook, we need to unplug. For our spirits to renew, we need to unplug. Technology delivers many benefits. Taking advantage of these benefits requires us to take a break from the technology vehicles of connectedness.

We cannot take a break from reading more deeply.

Skipping the Top 5 or Top 10 lists is a must. Instead, we need to dive deep into a historical character, reading several different books and perspectives of an individual. It can be more than an individual; it can be a historical time period or event. We need to engage with our history and understand the lessons learned, mistakes made, and victories won.

Yes, skip the blogs and entertainment news for a month and dive into an area of history.

We need to develop the right vacation policy.

We need a vacation to renew our heart and mind connection. Equally important, we cannot afford to take a vacation from the things that make us better human beings, better neighbors, better leaders, and better citizens.

We need to review our vacation policy and ensure we are vacationing in the right places.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash