The past month has been a ride. We have been on the road and in the air, each with a new challenge or adventure. The trips were a mix of helping sons and mother, saying goodbye to my Mom, and entering a new life adventure with a move to Santa Fe.

Beauty in Transitions

Life transitions happen in many ways. While some are part of our life cycle, others are unexpected. In either case, our choices are simple – embrace or ignore. The latter gets us nowhere.

One of the lessons learned is there is beauty in each transition.

Clouds Make the Difference

make the differenceOn several of our road trips, we have driven through some very barren places and then come upon some rolling hills or mountains. Taken alone, a beauty of what is settles our minds. When combined with the bursting clouds, a new level of wonder intensifies.

Like personalities, cloud types get categorized. Ten is the number of possibilities, according to the National Weather Service. Each catch our attention if we are aware. Cumulus and cumulonimbus awake us like a grand crescendo at a concert.

What hit me is how clouds make the land pop and vice versa. Each alone contain beauty, but together their splendor multiples. Sometimes we forget the power of combination. Nature reminds us.

Opening Up to Combinations

Even in beauty, challenges brew. In our clouds,

Storms arrive to test us.

Anticipation for rain raises our hopes.

Shade cools what bothers us.

In our workplaces, we may only see the land of cubicles and miss the wonder that rises above.

In our society, we may only see red and blue states and miss the beauty of the mix.

In our homes, we may only see the physical stuff and miss the talent and emotion of those around us.

It seems to me that we need to look for more combinations rather than just the starkness of one. Just as the clouds add to beauty of whatever nature we are driving through, we need to identify what adds beauty to our personal, work, and community settings.

Making the Difference

Looking for combinations enhances our ability to see contexts that matter. Within our new combinations, our outlook toward problem solving, relationship building, business planning, and community making changes in a beautiful way.

Clouds make a difference. Notice the beauty of a combination and engage it in your life work.

What clouds will you add for a more empowering and radiant result?


All Photos Copyright 2017 Jon Mertz. New Mexico. 


Clouds make the difference. They deliver a combination that delivers wonder, radiating possibilities at work, in life, and community.n