Are you quixotic? It is a wonderful word. Look up quixotic at It may be part of the equation in my previous post about mid-points.

When we are in our twenties, we are quixotic in our outlook. Anything is possible and, most likely, probable. Energy is high, and barriers are ignored. Hearing the word “no” only strengthens our resolve to do it.

As you might have guessed, being quixotic is being idealistic, impractical,  romantic…

It is curious how we lose that feeling or outlook as we grow older. Practical realities seep in while idealism is sapped. I am not quite sure when the balance shifts to the other side. It may be too subtle to really notice.

I guess it is caused by an increase in responsibilities as we age. Being careful becomes more important than being quixotic.

It seems a balance is necessary. We need to have outlets where our idealistic outlook can still shine. Rather than placing our quixotic desires on material things, we need to find those activities which revitalize our inner spirit. Feeding our egos with material things is short-lived. Do something which recovers those idealistic feelings; it will last longer and help restore balance.

How? I am not quite sure. For me, it started by taking a small step in getting involved in a youth program and then it grew into starting a whole new program. In my last post, I wrote about that inner spirit, and it is so important to listen to that spirit inside. It can create that warm feeling of excitement and satisfaction, restoring some of what was so central in our twenty-something lives.

Strengthen your quixotic. Listen for it, and encourage it.