Florida politics is interesting. Gov. Charlie Crist, a relatively popular Republican governor, was running for the U.S. Senate nomination in his own party. Along comes the Tea Party influence and now he is not that popular within the Republican Party. The Florida Republican voters were on their way to rejecting him as their nominee.

Yesterday, Crist pulled out of the Republican primary and declared as an Independent candidate for the U.S. Senate.

The oddity factor is as follows:  Voters reject your ideas and positions, so you pick up and move your ideas and proposals into a clear open space. You run for the same elected position under a different party name. One can argue, in this situation, the reason for voter rejection is due to emotional, irrational appeals. To me, it just seems odd to be rejected in one track, so you pick up and move to another track, before the first race event is completed.

This is completely within Charlie Crist’s right as an American citizen. It is just odd. Winning is everything in this case or, at least, finding a place to maybe win is everything.

The Crist situation is not similar to Sen. Joe Lieberman. In Sen. Lieberman’s case, he lost the primary, but with a solid showing in the primary. After the primary lost, he declared as an Independent candidate. Crist quit the primary before knowing what the actual percentage count was going to be.

In some ways, you could feel sorry for Crist and his situation. Up to this point, he seemed to be doing a reasonable job in leading the state. Along comes a “hug” with President Obama, mixed with a dash of Tea Party energy, and you have election troubles. The question in the campaign becomes was the hug really a hug, and was it an embrace of President Obama’s policies?

Meaningless rambling similar to everyone else… maybe? However, what people may be missing is the real point, or the real trouble with Crist.

The greatest sin of Charlie Crist is vetoing the hard-fought legislative win on holding teachers accountable. On this count, he should be rejected by the Florida voters in November. The lack of political will is a sin. Using an issue to foster a soon-to-be “independent” label is inexcusable. This is the real trouble with Crist.

The lack of political will and using an issue specifically to help your change-in-campaign strategy are troubling factors. In Washington, DC, this is not the type of leaders needed, from any party. Making decisions which impact our country require strength of will and principles. Making decisions for political expediency should give us the willies.

This is the real trouble with Crist, and this is the reason why he should not be elected.