High Calling Blogs. Real Community. Shared Values.It was like pulling a thread and watching it unravel. Except in this case, it was not an unraveling; it was a thread of discovery.

I am glad to have found The High Calling of Our Daily Work and am excited to be a part of the High Calling Blogs network.

For me, it has been about discovery and community. Through the High Calling Blogs network, I have discovered many blog sites which made me think, smile, laugh, and enjoy the conversation. The more I pulled the thread, the more I uncovered the strength of this community. It has strengthened already my thoughts and actions on faith, leadership, and choices.

You are building a steel thread of connections, enabling us to interact, learn, grow, and share… constantly challenging us to do our best!

Thank you for including my blog – Thin Difference – in the community and for all that you do in bringing these interactions together! I wrote Aspen Trees Set a Community Example before finding the High Calling Blogs network, but this is exactly what this network of blogs has become – a strongly rooted, supportive community.

As a quick note, if you have not already, sign up for the Daily Reflections sent from The High Calling site. It is a great way to start your day.