Another great day at the Global Leadership Summit 2010. A few highlights or quick points:

  • There are points in our lives that are The Land Between moments, and we can no longer carry the burden. Sometimes we think we are better off without God. However, these are the moments where we need to listen and follow even more; these are the transformation moments in our lives.
  • Focus on organizational values, culture, and people. These drive innovation and great organizations.
  • People are not mechanistic or blobs; we want to be engaged. Through autonomy, mastery of work to be done, and purpose, we feel the most motivated and engaged.
  • You cannot be bashful if you want change.
  • Be authentic. Be candid. Be energetic, and energizing of others.
  • Stretch people, but don’t tear them apart.
  • Passion is not emotionalism; it is the fuel which makes the engine go.
  • Leading is transition, movement… not maintaining.
  • You will work best with people you can read. Be transparent enough for them to know who you are.

There is so much more, but it has been an intensely inspiring past two days. More thoughts to come later…