Feeling like an IslandDo you ever just feel like being an island… far away from it all, resting peacefully, listening to the wind blow, and soaking in all the sun?

Or, do you ever just feel like an island… being disconnected from what is really happening all around you?

In some sense, there are two ways in how being an island can make you feel:  Sometimes you feel disconnected, and other times you just want to disconnect from it all.

Feeling disconnected from it all. In our communities, churches, neighborhoods, and maybe even our workplaces, we feel out of it. Actions are happening all around us, yet it seems like we are just watching a movie and not really engaged in the plot. We feel separated, uninvolved, disjoined.

Just imagine sitting on an island with ships and planes passing by while assorted activities are happening off in the distance. This is feeling disconnected from it all.

Disconnecting from it all. In the intertwined world we live in, information is always on and constantly available. Everything is coming at us at lightning speed, and work is more demanding than ever before. Shutting down and checking out are two things which, at times, seem to be what we want most. It is more than relaxation. It is relaxing plus think and personal time to rejuvenate and strengthen our mind and spirit.

Just imagine laying on the beach of a remote island with no one and nothing happening all around. This is disconnecting from it all.

How do you feel? Do you want to be actively disconnected from it all right now?  Do you want to be actively connected into it all right now?

Whichever way you answer, the power is within you to unplug or plug-in.

Disconnecting is easier in that it is mostly a time and place issue.

Connecting in is more challenging in that you may need to find the right place or make the right effort to engage.