Applying Politics to LifeWhat if we applied the most popular election day rhetoric to our lives?

Each election cycle has interesting phrases or keywords which catch on in various ways. You know when these phrases make it because they end up on SNL, Jay Leno, or some other late night comedy monologue.

Of course, the 2010 election is no different. I started to think, could the phrases of the 2010 election be applied to situations within our own lives? I think they can. Here is the list:

To our co-worker who just doesn’t get us:

“I am not a witch. I’m you.”

To a person who is trying to get in our way of doing good works:

“Shove it.”

To our boss who cannot make a decision or take the necessary action:

“Man up.”

To our complicated economic life:

“The rent is too damn high.”

This last one may be a little bit of a stretch, but the thought behind the phrase, in my opinion, is that we are tired of the economic malaise and the lack of the fortitude to make the necessary changes. This statement is an economic rallying cry for us – personally and as a nation – to make the tough choices to get on solid footing again.

Anyway, maybe there has been a little extra value from this election year. We can take the top phrases from the more interesting campaigns and apply them to our every day life situations.

The final one to consider is be based on Jon Stewart and his fake news program.

To all the politicians elected after Tuesday:

“Rally to restore sanity.”

Somehow, when a comedy news show makes the most sense in a political season, you know something really needs to change.

Just as each of us may need to make changes to improve our every day lives, the same needs to happen as we move forward the next two years with the new Congress. We need to take the Governor Christie approach and began to solve our problems rather than just passing them on to the next generation. Good advice for us and our families as well as for our country.