I don’t know if I really lived the earlier part of my life with a personal philosophy. Some of it may have been naturally instinctive, and some of it may have been just a part of my upbringing and guidance from my parents.

Life Engaged - Personal Philosophy

In thinking about it, a certain portion of my life just felt like being in a vehicle coasting down a hill without it being in gear. Every now and then, I would pop the clutch and begin driving where I wanted to go and what I wanted to do. Maybe putting it into gear let me get up certain hills and then coast again.

I don’t know if that is much different from most lives. When we look back, how we got where we are and how we got with people we are with sometimes seems mysterious.

What I am really saying, I guess, is that I was just doing enough. I was not living my life fully engaged all the time. Having said that, my life has been good and filled with many good things… relationships, family, jobs, and the list goes on.

Some things happen because they are beyond our control while other things happen because we let them. Being in gear and driving our life with a personal philosophy are what make an individual life more meaningful. It will also be more meaningful for all the people on and around our path.

Living an engaged life takes work. Living an inspired life takes even more.

I truly believe that having a personal philosophy will help put one’s life in the right gear and transport one to more meaningful places.

So, what is my personal philosophy?

  • Live simply
  • Lead with Spirit
  • Always try to do the right things right
  • Take time to re-soul

There are many motivating actions and ideas intertwined within my life philosophy which gives these simple statements depth, and it includes such things as community, faith, and relationships. Going back to the definition of philosophy, these four tenets make up my core attitude and beliefs of what gets me going every day and, if successful, gives me satisfaction at the end of the day.

I am among the imperfect, but I am trying to lead a more engaged life today through this philosophy.

Join the conversation. What is your personal philosophy?