Reverb 10 Prompt: 11 Things. What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?

Doing the Right ThingsMy life does not need the following 11 things in 2011.

1.  Big Arguments. There are times when things boil into a big argument. Often, they can be prevented by conversations taking place earlier as well as agreeing to certain principles and approaches upfront. Calm minds need to prevail.

Preventing big arguments will lead to healthier interactions.

2.  Clutter & Complexity. Junk mail, articles, books, clothes – the list grows as well as the piles of stuff. There are many things that fill up our spaces. There has to be a better way to clean away the clutter and open the spaces for more productive and fewer things.

Another side to this is complexity. Sometimes, we try to make things more complex than they need to be. Simple is good. Complexity, many times, adds wasted efforts. Simplicity makes life flow more effortlessly.

3.  Misalignment. Life involves people, and everyone has interests, perspectives, and things to accomplish. When working together in work and family, misalignment of direction, principles, and goals are taxing and create conflicts. There needs to be a basic understanding and agreement on where we are going in the various aspects of our life.

4.  Ongoing Distractions. There are many things that get in the way of doing more significant, meaningful things. Distractions are constant. Recognizing them is essential, just as it is to skip as many of them as possible.

If you have seen the movie Up, it is eliminating the “squirrel” moments and staying focused on your life’s mission.

5.  Disconnectedness. I am connected in at work and was at church. In several online communities, I also am tied in, to a certain degree. Connecting into my neighborhood is the next step. Today, the relationships are more laminate, not very deep.

Disconnection in community leaves holes in society. More holes need to be filled with deeper relationships.

6.  Bickering. Small arguments or little passing comments drain relationships. Stopping the bickering will open up better conversations at home and work.

7.  Bad Liquid. It is soda. I know caffeine is here to stay in my life, but the cans of soda loaded with unknown chemicals need to be pushed aside. Coffee, tea, and water will need to take its place.

8.  Over Snacking. When it comes to food, my bad habit is the in-between meal snacks. If a snack is around, then the temptation is present. I need to resist the temptations and just have an apple.

9.  Small Mindedness. Big ideas, big purposes, big missions. If we focus on more of these things, then the small mindedness of pettiness, cliques, etc. will lose their steam. Being around small-minded people is frustrating and pointless.

10.  Conformity & Conventionalism. After reading the Art of Non-Conformity, the more I realized that conforming can be like accepting mediocrity. Being mediocre does not light any internal fires of any spirit. Being conventional is boring. I am not looking to be something that I am not or do something that is stupid.

What I am looking for is growing as an individual and doing more consequential things. It is not stopping the day-to-day work, but it is expanding what I do with my time and doing things a little differently, out-of-the-ordinary… maybe even extraordinary.

11.  Stagnancy. If you have seen a stagnate pool of water, what you see is murkiness and bacteria. Stagnancy means the lack of movement, a lack of growth. It is something which can eat away at your soul.

Expanding knowledge, inner spirit, and actions needs to be continuous in individual lives. It is what propels us forward to do better, to live at a higher plane of understanding and meaningful activity.

Going forward, avoiding each of the above elements is important while also putting in place safeguards to prevent them from happening. Life does not need these things. It is about doing the opposite of each one. Sometimes knowing what not to do helps us do what we need to do.

For me, it is about centering yourself and living out loud your personal philosophy.

The result: Leading an inspired, meaningful life.

In 2011, what things do you think need to be avoided in your life?