Looking Back to Move AheadThis past year I started a blog. Ten months later, I am still writing regularly and letting this blog unfold, taking me where it does. No end-of-year resolution inspired this blog. The idea of Thin Difference stuck in my mind almost two years ago. One day in last February, I just started writing.

The point is that year-end resolutions don’t need to set the stage for the year ahead. There may be things inside your mind and spirit that have made you restless from time-to-time. The moment may be now to put those thoughts and inspirations into action.

In looking back, there are a few posts which may help create the spark and begin the new work ahead for you.

Build your mentor montage. Identify the people in your life who have guided you, inspired you. Seek out people in the new year to renew your directions and actions. The new people could be through books you read, lectures you attend, or lunches you arrange. Engage mentors.

Develop your personal philosophy.  How do you want to live your life? What are your core beliefs? Developing that personal philosophy will deliver the drive and put up the guard rails as you move forward in your path of action. Move forward energized and centered.

Think about the choices you make.  Our life consists of the choices we make; they build the story of our lives. Don’t over-analyze, to the point of inaction, decisions to be made, but do think about:  (1) What type of person do I want to be? (Quality of Character) and (2) How can I be a better person? (Depth of Inner Spirit). Define your life well by the choices you make.

Tap your quixotic side.  Every now and then, we need to be impractical, visionary, and romantic. We need to let the emotions flow so our inner spirit can be refreshed with the freedom, the silliness of certain moments. It may be catching our breath or breathing deeply, but it re-capturing the energy and vigor of our youth and letting it capture our imaginations and work again. Simply said, have fun…

Godspeed to you in your new year ahead!