Evil PlansEvil Plans, by Hugh MacLeod, is a book which will jump out of your hands, walk around, and kick you in the pants. If it does, then you know you need to develop a plan to lead a more fulfilling life.

Reading Evil Plans will not take too much time. I completed it on a flight from Dallas to Orlando. The impact of the book will last much longer. I had purchased this book the old-fashioned way – hardcover with real paper. I found myself marking certain sentences and cartoons. What this means is it will be a book you will go back to review as well as think and begin to plan.

It is always easy, I guess, to say the life you are living is not the one you really want. It is the easy choice – stay the course, complain a little, make very few adjustments.

The more challenging choice is to do something about your life, something different.

Your choice, your life.

Even if your life is on the right course, Evil Plans will challenge you to do a gut-check.

In Hugh’s book, the words are concise yet sharp; the cartoons will drive the points completely home or just make you nod in agreement.

Books don’t need to be complex all the time. Evil Plans simply delivers a message which makes you think and act in a refreshed way. A few examples:

“Here’s the point: What you’re selling isn’t merely a product or service; it’s also a product of a belief system – your own belief system. And understanding your own belief system is crucial to building your own Evil Plan.”

The metaphor story about the white pebble was one of the best. I will leave it to you to read it, but I will just emphasize one point from the story:

“Just remember who you really are. Just remember the person only God can see.”

Another great point:

“…make a list of the twenty or so people in your space or who matter the most. Then ask yourself, who on this list is actually reading your stuff, actually follows what you’re up to, actually knows that you exist?”

A great, scary, challenging point!

There is a solid balance of making you stop in your tracks and think while also inspiring you to get on the right life track. After reading this book, I felt refreshed and motivated.

As Hugh MacLeod says, “Be a Waker.” Surround yourself with wakers and feel and act alive!”