We have been exploring the Meaning of the Middle. The posts have included:

Being Centered Yet ActivatedWhen this series began, I made the statement that: “At no time in life is being in the middle gear a good thing.” Being in the middle gear means we are coasting through life. Life needs to be engaged by each of us in a spirit-filled way.

An equally important lesson is to be centered. Part of this means being comfortable with who you are while at the same time having the confidence and spirit to venture outside your comfort zone. Our center grounds us and enables us to work with others in a way to bring everyone up a level, whether it is in understanding or meaningful actions.

From life to work to politics, the middle plays a role in making it all work. It is our choice on what unfolds from our center, exemplified everyday by our actions.

Hopefully, laced around our middle is a core spirit which guides our voice, our character, and our work. An inspired, motivated spark inside us can change the world.