change happensThere has been so much written about change. Why another post? Because change is always present and varying perspectives may help us navigate it fruitfully.

Change happens in at least three ways.

Change can:

  1. Happen to you
  2. Happen for you
  3. Happen because of you

Happen to you. When change happens to you, there is nothing you can do to prevent, stall, or stop it. Events which may fall into this category include:

  • Accidents
  • Job eliminations
  • Tragedies
  • Organization consolidations

Stuff happens, and there is not much we can do about it. Once this type of change happens, we need to determine how to deal with it, overcome it, and move through it.

The change is done; now how do we handle it?

Happen for you. When change happens for you, it is like bright light shining on a well-paved path for you to enter and walk on effortlessly. These are the golden paths, and they don’t seem like they come often enough. These events may include an:

  • Unforeseen ideal job opportunity
  • Unexpected acceptance as a speaker or writer
  • Unanticipated funding of a project
  • Unimagined outpouring of community support

Every now and then, opportunities arise. Taking full advantage of them is a delight, replenishing your spirit for the continued work ahead.

Change is empowered, and we take full advantage of it.

Happen because of you. When change happens because of you, this may be the most personally satisfying. These events occur when:

  • Your extra effort pays off
  • Your added sweat slides an initiative forward
  • Your attitude inspires something to ignite
  • Your spirit creates a snowball effect of momentum

When change happens because of you, some may think it is the second type instead – happened for you. This is not the case. The sentiment of “you’re lucky” does not apply, because showing up consistently and doing the work diligently are what makes these chances materialize.

Change is enabled by your efforts, and you are tremendously encouraged by the results.

Change Happens: Reality and Readiness

The reality. The reality is that all three types of changes may be intertwined; there may be an intersection point of all three. Your presence in this world means something will happen sometime.

Be ready.

I also believe there is a personal test in each:

  • When change happens to you, it tests your personal courage and strength of community to navigate to the other side of the challenges.
  • When change happens for you, it tests your ego, your humility.
  • When change happens because of you, it tests your endurance and your ability to continue to act, moving an objective forward step-by-step, day-by-day.

Prepare yourself for the tests.

Finally, it is imperative to always do the third one – make change happen because of you. Don’t rely on luck. Don’t sit back and expect it all to come to you. Don’t wait. In other words,

  • Make the change happen through your efforts
  • Do the work for change, rousing others to join
  • Get busy… change will happen without you (no doubt), but you need to put the effort in before, during, and after to make the most of moving to the next level in your life pursuits

Make positive change happen.

What helps you be ready, prepare properly, and make the right changes happen?