Make People BetterOne of the most difficult questions to answer is: Do you make people better?

This may be one of the truest ways to determine whether or not your actions are matched with your soul and mind. It is more than this though. Are your soul and mind in a good place?

Let me state it again. Do you make people better?

Yes, you make them laugh. You put people at ease. But, do you make them better?

Yes, you set objectives that accelerate progress. You bring people together to achieve. But, do you make them better?

Yes, you struggle at times. When tension rises, what is your first reaction? Do you make people better?

This is the question that makes you shudder with the reality of who you are. It is like staring in the mirror and seeing too clearly at what is looking back at you. It is stark. It is real. It is who you are.

The response to this question can only be made by you.

In your family:

  • Do you make your spouse a better person?
  • Do you make your kids better people?

In your work:

  • Do you make your colleagues and team members better?
  • Do you make your suppliers and customers better?

In your community:

  • Do you make your neighbors better?
  • Do you make the people in your church and community clubs better?

“Make” may be too strong of a word since you cannot strong arm someone into being a better person. You cannot do the work for them, yet somehow we also have a responsibility to lift up those around us.

Maybe this is a challenge of having human and soul intelligence. We are built to do better, if we choose to take the work and the challenge.

It can be a haunting question with no clear answer. The answer may change during different times.

It is a question we should contemplate often, because the very thinking about it will lead us to deeper insights and – maybe – better, more complete actions with our families, our workplaces, and our community.

It is a worthy reflection point.

I do consider this point. Sometimes I reflect positively on my actions; other times, not so much…

How about you?