Life Lessons from HGTV & Food NetworkI admit it. After a long day, I enjoy watching Chopped or Design Star or Food Network Star. This may not be a good thing to admit, but let me tell you why.

The reason is to watch the people dynamics. From these interactions, several key life lessons emerge.

Lesson 1: Don’t be cocky (or be humble). In each show, there are always some characters who think they are the greatest as what they do. It isn’t necessarily confidence; it is an attitude of being better than everyone else.

In most cases, these people never win. Their attitude catches up to them, and they stumble.

Being humble and maintaining focus on what you are doing wins more often. Practicing humility is essential to leading a fruitful life.

Lesson 2: Don’t take the easy way (or be creative). Inevitably, there are people who play it safe. Whether it is in their recipe or in their design, they do not let their work stand out loud. They play the middle ground.

There is always a risk in being creative, but you gain points in making the effort. It is not going overboard or outrageous; it is about using your talents and letting your creativity show in your work.

Let your ideas see the light of day. It is energizing – for you and all those around you.

Lesson 3: Don’t ignore the feedback (or listen to understand and learn). When being judged, some may choose to argue with the assessment. They may even ignore the advice if they make it to the next round, but it catches up to them. They miss the opportunity to move on.

More importantly, they miss the opportunity to learn. Rather than listening to grow, they talk over the top of the feedback or take an argumentative stand. Rarely does this win in the long run.

Listen to understand. Repeat what you have heard in order to absorb the insights. Learn and grow. It will give you a better sense of self and enable you to give more in your community of influence.

Lesson 4: Don’t stagnate (or improve what you do and how you do it). The contestants that win are the ones that take the previous outlined lessons and get better. They take the feedback and enhance their craft. They don’t stay the same (i.e., stagnate); they improve.

Being a good friend, spouse, or citizen requires we advance in our thoughts and actions. It is more than just listening to the feedback; it is doing something with it.

Take your thinking and your activities to a higher level. Get better. Be better.

Lesson 5: Don’t waste your time (or use your time to do the most with your time). Each design or food contest has a time element to it. Thinking fast is definitely part of the equation to winning. Equally important is not wasting the time you have. It is a harmonious cycle of think-plan-act.

In our life, we don’t know the time we have. Life is short. It is more than not wasting; it is doing the most in the most meaningful way.

When our clock stops, we should feel a deep sense of meaningful satisfaction of our completed works.

The key lessons from the Food Network and HGTV:

  1. Be humble
  2. Be creative
  3. Listen to understand and learn
  4. Improve what you do and how do you do it
  5. Use your time to do the your most, your best

Watching these shows provide some insights into how people work, how they act in stressful situations, and how they treat others. The good news is that I can just watch. I don’t have to coach, correct, or get involved, but I can still learn and write a better script for my life story.

Observing can deliver life insights and, in this case, offer some household tips, too!

What have you learned from HGTV or Food Network? Are there any life insights you are willing to share?