Make Your Life SingI don’t buy many live concert music CDs. The recording studio ones are always higher quality, right? After all, all the elements are controlled to produce the perfect sound.

One weekend, I read a NY Times article discovered through one of my social media channels. In it, Leonard Cohen’s Live in London CD was mentioned as being highly recommended, so I bought it. They were right; it was great.

A few weeks ago, there was one of those “recommendations” on about something I might enjoy. I know, commercialism at work, and I bought in. A live CD of Brandi Carlisle (Live At Benaroya Hall With The Seattle Symphony) was suggested, so I purchased it. Another great one.

Here is what poked my mind today. When listening to the live concert recording, you hear the joy in their work. You hear their interaction with the audience. You hear the audience’s excitement about the performance. I realize there is still some “packaging” that goes around the recording of a live performance, but you still get that sense of someone who enjoys what they are doing, and the audience responds well to it.

And, here comes the punch. How do our daily live performances come off? Do people sense the joy in our work? Do we interact well with others in our audience (i.e., workplace, home place)?

Tough one.

I can’t say that I always do. We are human after all. But, do our good “live” performances outnumber our mediocre ones? A good question to think about and adjust to, if needed…

We are not on stage all the time, just as a performer isn’t. There is down time; there is time away from the lights of action and interaction. This is about the time during each day in which eyes are upon us.

Live performances are about having an attitude of leading with our best efforts. It is about being real while always trying to do our best.

How we do our work each day is a choice we make. Many things are thrown our way, and we act and react.

Leading our lives with the gusto of being on the ultimate stage — something we call “life” — and making the best choices possible will enable us to sing harmoniously to our audience — family, friends, and community. I can hear the applause now!