Move from / Move toYou can look at life just about anyway you want to and, for the most part, it is your choice on how to approach your life. One way I like to look at things is in these from / to viewpoints. One to add into the mix is:  Move from / Move to.

While there are certain life things that we need to move from, there are many life engagements points that we need to move to.

Some considerations to include in the Move from category are:

  • Bad situations or environments
  • Bad or questionable relationships
  • Bad decisions
  • People who hold you back or prevent you from growing into becoming a better person
  • Workplaces or situations that stunt your growth, professionally and personally

Each of these items are things that we should try to move from in order to keep our lives moving forward in a meaningful way.

Some considerations to include in the Move to category are:

  • Steps that enable us to meet our mission in life and accomplish our goals
  • Living by a defined life philosophy
  • The higher ground in our interactions
  • A centered sense of ourselves
  • A higher purpose
  • Friends that encourage us, challenge us, make us better
  • A balanced life with work — being soulful and dutiful

I believe two principles spring up from this conversation:

  1. Principle 1: We need to spend more of our time moving to certain things in life. We need to identify life’s elements to ignore or stay away from and then focus our energy on activities that make us and our community better. These are the actions that will make our life more meaningful.
  2. Principle 2: We cannot afford to get stuck in the middle of moving to and moving from. We cannot be fearful of doing or of what others may or may not do to block us. We cannot freeze in the middle, which translates into doing nothing. We need to do something (see principle 1).

So, what would you add to the list of items to move to or move from? Where do you spend the most time today?