I Just Want to Sing - My Life SongI would love to be able to sing! Singing brings joy to people all around. Singing raises spirits and inspires minds. Songs express what is sometime hard to put into words. Being able to just sing would make my life seem so much more passionate and easier to express.

Of course, I cannot sing or carry a tune well.

My favorite musical artists are singer/songwriters. They are lucky. Their passion shines through in their lyrics and their voice. You can hear the difference. When an artist has written a song and then sings it, there is an emotion in their voice like none other.

When you see a singer/songwriter perform, it just seems so effortless.

Why can’t all of us just perform like a singer/songwriter, showing our passion in our work?

Of course, all we see is the performance. We don’t necessarily see the struggle with writing the lyrics or anything else that goes into completing a song. We hear the end result. We experience their passion completely in sync, aligned fully.

Although it may be a struggle behind the scenes, on stage, it just all comes together.

I am not trying to wish my life into something that I cannot express or do. I don’t have that “natural” gift.

Here is the point, maybe. Being a singer/songwriter seems so natural. The talent is obvious to all who hear. It is an expressive gift that can be “easily” shared.

However, we all have natural gifts, too. They may not be as obvious to others or even to ourselves, but we have them. So, we struggle to uncover them, express them, and let them be sung out and heard by those around us.

Our calling is no different than a singer/songwriter. We need to take our talents and use them to sing our life out loud. Our audience – our communities, really – need us to do this, to use our natural talents in expressive ways.

What are your gifts, your talents? How do express them?