Life ChoiceI was listening to Mike & Mike earlier this week as they were discussing the Sunday football games. When it came time to review the NY Giants win over the New England Patriots, Mike Golic made a comment to the effect of: “Eli Manning statistically wasn’t great, but he came through when it was important.”

For whatever reason, that phrase hit me. Maybe it was due to the last post being on my mind, or maybe it just struck a chord on how many of us live out our time. Maybe… I just didn’t want that to me my epitaph: “Jon statistically wasn’t that great, but he came through when it was important.” It just doesn’t ring right inside.

It seems that there may be three life choices we can make:  Average Life, Sporadic Life, or Full Life.

Average Life. This is the “statistically not great” life. We bump along, doing the minimum productively. There are signs of life; it is a steady beat within a defined space. Essentially, life is a routine, and we follow it.

Sporadic Life. This is the “came through when it was important” life. Overall, our life is average, but every now and then we perk up and deliver something extraordinary. We produce a great result, or we deliver something of meaning to someone, somewhere. Our life usually shows a steady beat, with an up-tempo from time-to-time.

Full Life. This is full life engagement. It is taking an average life, combining it with sporadic upbeats and lifting our meaning up a level or two. While we are doing what needs to be done, we also are delivering what doesn’t need to be done. What I mean by this is we have found our spirited niche, and we are embracing our calling. From engaged conversations to engaged communities to engaged initiatives, we are firing on all cylinders. We are learning; we are accepting; and we are growing. Our life is a spirited one.

It is a choice. It is more than a choice. It is our life. And, we need to ask ourself a simple question: At which level are we living our life today?