The Intangibles in LifeWe focus on tangibles. Partly due to the fact, I believe, we can touch them, grab of hold of them, or point to them. The tangibles become a part of our persona. With our iPhones®, iPads®, or other devices, our personal brand begins to assume the characteristics of that item. We identify ourselves with what the tangible good represents.

It would be better to focus more on our intangibles, but that is always easier said than done. It is easy to get distracted by the objects of desire. Although it takes earned dollars to gain tangible goods, it seems simpler to do.

Focusing on our intangibles takes pure effort and focus. Although the result is something we earn, intangible things expend our mind and spirit as we try to convert what is intangible into actions that are meaningful. This is exactly what makes focusing on our intangibles tough.

Let’s talk about the intangibles.

Positive mindset. Our outlook is an intangible. How we view:

  • Ourselves
  • Others
  • Our situation
  • The situation around us

All matter greatly. There are thoughts that continuously flow through our mind, and we need to let the unproductive ones stream by while grabbing on to the important ones. Knowing the difference is essential.

Living with a positive mindset will keep our eyes focused on the right things and serve as the sensor to feed our spirit. Our mindset needs to consist of a constructive outlook and a helpful awareness.

Inner sense of direction. Our inner spirit, or soul, is an intangible. Some may call it our drive; others may call it simply as knowing right from wrong.

When people have a strong inner sense of direction, we know they have something special. It is strength of purpose. It is calmness in listening and doing. It is being centered.

Living with an inner sense of direction needs to be developed. It is a practice of faith, mindfulness, and spiritedness.

Willingness to act. Our willingness to act is an intangible. There needs to be an orientation to doing something about what is aligned in our minds and inner self. It is about un-trapping our positive mindset and strong sense of purpose, putting it into meaningful action. It is about tapping into what is inside us and exposing it through our good works.

Living means acting. It is much more than buying. It is much more than just thinking. It is much more than just feeling. It is easy to spin our wheels and gain no movement forward.

Truly living is about focusing on our intangibles and transforming them into meaningful actions.

  • Just focusing on tangible goods will leave us, ultimately, unsatisfied.
  • Keeping our intangibles inside us will leave us, ultimately, frustrated.
  • Converting our intangibles into leading a spirited, meaningful life will enliven us.
  • Converting our intangibles into living spiritedly will brighten the community around us.

This season, focus on your intangibles and how to enable them and live them through what you do.

Which of your intangible gifts do you want to strengthen this season? Please leave your comments and thoughts below.


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