During my drive home, I was mindlessly listening to some music but a line caught my attention. It was:

Always trust your cape

It was like a voice from my dashboard speaking directly to me. Always trust your cape.

Trust Your Cape

Immediately a few images came into mind. The first was Superman standing with his hands firmly planted on his hips with his cape confidently waving in the breeze. The other image was the VW commercial where the little kid was dressed in a Darth Vader costume, cape included, trying to see if he had the power.

It is that vivid image of the fearlessness of our youth.

Needless to say, I fell in love with the phrase – Always trust your cape.

When I searched for this song, it came as no real surprise that Guy Clark was the writer. Guy Clark is a legend for composing wonderful lyrics that are wrapped in stories. The complete refrain to this song goes:

He’s one of those who knows that life

Is just a leap of faith

Spread your arms and hold your breath

Always trust your cape

We all need to always trust our cape. We all have special powers. I believe that wholeheartedly. Do you?

What I mean is that we have a special purpose to embrace and live fully. We need to make the choice to do it. We all have unique talents. We need to make the choice to use them to gain positive life momentum.

We need to have confidence in our purpose and our ability to pursue it. We need to trust our cape.

Including the word “trust” fuels this phrase.

Last year, I had an opportunity to hear Stephen M.R. Covey discuss trust. He makes many skillful points about trust and speed. If we trust others completely, then we can work through any challenge or initiative much faster. There is no second-guessing; we believe in the each other’s capabilities and judgment.

The same is true for trust in ourselves. If we trust ourselves, we can move forward much more quickly and completely with our purposeful initiatives and projects.

Trust translates into continuously doing those things that matter.

Trusting our cape needs to be inclusive of our inner spirit, mindful thoughts, human capabilities, and community. Trust is multi-dimensional and empowering. Trust your cape means:

Trust your inner spirit.

There is an inner voice that sets a direction for us to consider and take. At times, that feeling may make us experience restlessness, which may mean we are not listening fully. We need to trust our inner spirit and what it is trying to get our attention about.

Trust your mindful thoughts.

During the course of any given day, we have hundreds of thoughts. Most, probably, can be just ignored. Others need to be grabbed and thought through more fully. As we do this, we need to look for the connection to other reference points, like our inner spirit. If our thoughts are aligned to what our soul is telling us, then we need to stand up confidently to it, plan accordingly, and do something with it.

Trust your body.

Our human body is amazing! If you ever took a moment to think about how it all works, you cannot help but be in awe of our human body. Sometimes, we take our blows, and we need to recover. Our body is remarkably resilient though. We need to keep our body tuned up, push ourselves at times, and then get busy getting our hands dirty doing the work we are built for.

Trust your community.

This is the trust but verify moment. It is trust with a strong dash of accountability from friends and family members. Our community delivers cheers and hands of support but also needs to hold us accountable in the choices we make. We need to trust their support as well as their guiding voice to keep us on the right path.

Trust your cape. Life is a leap of faith, and we need to spread our arms and grab onto our inherent faith, fervently and boldly. We need to wrap ourselves in our cape to take on the world at times. By doing this, we can move forward to living a resilient life of meaning.

What makes your cape a super power in your purposeful work?