Life StepsThere are many steps in life.

An average life is 78 years.

If each step represents a day,

We have 28,470 steps to take.


Each day, each step, we have a choice.

We can stand still.

We can step backwards.

We can take a step up and forward.


Each step isn’t easy,

No one ever said it should or would be.

Each step represents something for us.







Each step is unique.

Everyone has a weight to carry.

Everyone has a responsibility.


There will be times when a step backwards or sideways is inevitable.

How we recover will depend on –

Our attitude to shine a light forward.

Our strength of purpose to power us up.

Our community around to keep us within bounds.


Over 28,000 steps may seem like so many.

The speed in which we they disappear is rapid.






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