I will live an unlife life.Lead an Unlife Life

I will unwrap what has kept my spirit wrapped in knots.

I will undo what has kept me from doing the better thing.

I will unleash what has kept me on a leash of restraint.

I will unlisten to the unfruitful whispers of the past.


I will live an unlife life.

I will unlearn what has limited my learning.

I will unpack what has kept me packed in neat compartments.

I will unbox what has boxed in my creativity.

I will unhook from people who hook me into making bad choices.


I will live an unlife life.

I will unleash what holds me back.

I will unwrap new thoughts and explore new ways forward.

I will unbridle my energy and grab my life completely.


I will live uncommonly.

I will live unbound.

I will live an unlife life.



An invitation.

Leading an unlife life has been on my mind a lot lately. And now I’m curious to hear your thoughts on undoing certain things in your life and leadership in order to take on new actions.

Uncertain how to begin? Check out Susan Mazza’s piece written last week. It was this post that inspired the idea of gathering other viewpoints.

Please feel free to use the Unlife Life badge to help spread the word. Sparking this community conversation will help us all grow.