When a new year starts, we hope and we are hopeful. Hope delivers a fresh page to write a renewed story of our life. When a year ends, we are worn to a certain point and reflect on change. Change is invasive and evasive in that it impacts us in many ways yet we choose what we adopt or not.

Each year unfolds and we stand at this crux moment before we enter the final holidays of the year and look forward to a brand new year ahead.

Hope Contains Change

I already talked about how hope is an odd thing in many ways. Hope does lift our eyes and spirit to the horizon ahead, and we need to adjust our view as a year ends and a new one is ahead. Within our hope, we see better days ahead, different opportunities, fresh attitudes to use, and new actions to take.

Hope contains change. The change embraces two aspects. First, we hope the environment we live in, work in will change in more productive, more meaningful ways. Second, we consider new seeds to plant ourselves in hopes we change the way we do certain things and new talents we wish to grow. Hope means we expect change and we drive change.

Our hope washes the mud off the streets of our lives, fills in the potholes, and paints new lines to stay within and new directions to set forth.

Change Contains Hope

As we enter a new year, we begin to implement our changes. Going into January seems like we drop off an edge into a new world and we are uncertain if we can step back up on to the new path we designed within our thoughts. The skies seem darker, the days longer. Our hope for change takes a hit.

If hope is an odd thing, then I am not sure what change is. Change is only something one can do themselves. Change can be – and is – supported by a community of friends, co-workers, and family, but change can only happen by the person needing to adopt a change. And, to be clear, we all need to change in some way, each and every week, month, and year. Change is the only constant to personal growth and achievement.

The reality of change is that the person instigating the change is hoping they can change. What this person may not realize, unfortunately, is there is a community rooting for them and willing to guide them along the way. I believe we all want the best to happen for anyone. However, the person closest to the change cannot see the hope in the surrounding, supporting eyes.

Our eyes need to be open to what the change means for us and for others. Change has challenges (always), and we just need to know we need to sweat a little more to make it happen. Our change is supported by others, more than we imagine. Confidence in our change should grow by this fact.

Each Year, Hope and Change

As this year closes, I reflect on my own hopes and list of changes to make. This past year has blessed me in ways I did not imagine over 360 days ago. Equally, this past year has frustrated me more than I would have imagined. This is life though. Within the frustrations and challenges, energy increases within to do things differently, learn more, and do more.

We cannot control everything that happens, but we can control how we react and act. Within this, the rhythm of hope and change creates a strange, meaningful melody. We need to keep our hope alive. We need to keep our changes alive. We need to lead with hope and change. We need to embrace the community around us.

The rhythm of hope and change creates a strange, meaningful melody.



We need to take on the year ahead with a refreshed mindset and a durable spirit.

My hope for all of us is to understand the changes we want (need) to make, the corresponding new actions to take, and then enter the new year with a lasting spirit of what is possible.

May your hope and change be well-balanced and purpose-filled in the year ahead!