We can be hard on people. We give up when they screw up. We put them down when they are trying hard to rise up. We are quick to criticize small errors. We are slow to forgive. We ignore. We roll our eyes. We exclude.

We are all guilty at times.

When we are quick to judge, we need to take a step back and think about the second chances we were given. We need to be grateful for our second chances.

If you believe you haven’t received a second chance, think again.

  • A new job is a second (or third) chance to work in better ways and lead in a more inclusive, collaborative, empowering way.
  • Going to college is a second chance to learn in different ways.
  • A new semester can be a second chance.
  • Moving to a new city or neighborhood is a second chance to engage a community and know your neighbors.
  • Growing up, many second chances were given to you by your parents and grandparents.
  • Joining a new spiritual community is a second chance to dig deep within and understand things beyond understanding.
  • Rehab is a second chance.
  • Reading a new book is a second chance to gain a renewed inspiration.
  • Raising your sons and daughters are filled with second chances. For parents, it a second chance to build better parent-child relationships. For kids, it is the many chances to find your way and learn from mistakes.

Grateful for Second ChancesOur second chance list grows, if we really consider the opportunities we are given to try again. Second chances create learning opportunities. We just need to be open to the chance to be better.

In our thankful season, we need to consider the second chances we have been given and be grateful for them.

Second chances are too often wasted chances. We promise to take advantage of the refreshed start and we fail. We only use a third of the second chance, wasting the time to really change.

Be grateful for your second chances but don’t let them spoil. (tweet this) Use your second chances fully.

The other side of second chances is in giving them.

Our patience wears thin and we put down another rather than giving a ladder for renewed opportunity. The reality is second chances are not free. Second chances cost each person. The cost is in recovery time. The cost is in trust. The cost is an open mind. These costs are assessed to the giver and taker of the second chance.

Second chance costs are ones we need to bear. Second chances are costs to be leveraged for growth and better ways.

A way to show gratitude for our own second chances is to give them to others. (tweet this) When second chances really work, they will be passed forward. A new kind of human renewal is given. In this act, much gratitude is given and appreciated.

Be grateful for the meaning of second chances. Give second chances to another.

The caution of second chances are few.

For the receiver of second chances, don’t take advantage of the second chance given. Show your gratitude by using it fully. Turn a new leaf. Grab a new opportunity. Be someone better than before. Do something greater than before.

For the giver of second chances, don’t be walked over (and over) again. We know our human heart will give more than just one second chance. We give multiple second chances because we want to believe in the power of what positive change can do for someone. We understand the spark it can ignite.

However, at some point, our giving heart is stomped on too many times. We realize change can only come from within, and self-awareness and self-reflection need to develop and take hold before a second chance can really bloom for some.

Celebrate second chances.

As we close a year, there are many holidays to celebrate what we have been given and shine our spirit on another by what we give them. One of the greatest gifts we can be thankful for is our second chances. One of the greatest gifts we can give is a second chance.

Be thankful for second chances. Accept them. Give them. Use them. (tweet this)

Will you give someone a second chance? What second chance are you most thankful for?

Let’s share our experiences in giving and receiving second chances.