A thread is light. Alone, it can stitch and hold things together. More than one thread can come together and create something practical. With a little imagination and design, threads can create something beautiful. The power of a thread and the empowering ability of threads.

Purpose is similar. Alone, a purpose holds an individual together toward a better next day. Purpose can weave a practical existence. With a little imagination and design, purpose can enliven many and create a heirloom, something to be felt and remembered. A singular purpose delivers a certain fortitude while a wholehearted purpose delivers strength through time.

Purpose threads. I like the visualization of purpose as a thread.

Purpose in Life

Life begins, and parents weave us in and out of life’s adventures, mostly in control and most often present. As we develop, our thread becomes our own. Rarely does our thread go in a straight line. More often, a zig zag pattern emerges. We lose control. Other times, we dodge bad choices and relationships.

Our thread is pushed and pulled by us and others. Our relationships matter. An uplifting purpose in our personal bonds strengthens our ability to create positive outcomes.

Purpose in our relationships holds us together and enlightens us. Without purpose-enabling relationships, we unravel.

Purpose in Work

On the practical side, purpose attempts to invade our work. The success of purpose in our work depends on many factors, internal and external. Culture makes a difference, as do relationships within the place we work. Clarity of a mission and our role within it motivates. Freedom to pursue our part matters. Trust is empowering, and transparency is clarifying. Mindset sets our tone.

Work pays our bills, the most common denominator in purpose. Purpose is not free and rarely can be all play. Our hope is to find and engage in work that gives us a healthy sense of well-being and be an important part of a larger organizational purpose. We are more than a cog. Instead, we are an enabler of a service or product, creating something that helps another in some way.

Purpose in our work keeps us warm. Purpose in work is cool. Without purpose-enabling work, we become plaid and stripes, confused and frustrated. Without a purpose-enabled attitude, we become disconnected, inside and out.

Purpose as Masterpiece

Purpose as a masterpiece brings together life and work and creates a meaningful flow. The combination is not a patchwork but a seamless quality of practicality and beauty.

We cannot ignore work or life, so we need to find the right pattern between the two. Work needs a purpose, but it does not have to be our purpose. Work pays in what we do for others, our customers, as well as in what we do outside of work. We need to find the purpose in our work and be excited by it.

When our purpose lies in what is outside our four walls of work, we weave to a tempo that keeps both moving forward. Both inspire us. Through both, we still achieve our aspirations.

The one-of-a-kind purpose may be when life and work are one. Rather than creating a coordinated pair, we are creating a singular tapestry of purpose. Life and work are good. In our life and work, good is created consistently and beautifully.

A consistency in our purpose through life and work may deliver greater focus but no less effort or ease of achievement.

purpose threads

Purpose Threads

We do not always see what our purpose thread is creating. When we look back, we realize we are on the right path, and we just need to pick up our stride and take our purpose to the next level of possibility. Other times, we may realize we just need to start over or create anew.

We put a lot of sweat and tears into our purpose thread and feel as if not much good is being seen or felt. We may realize we are just spinning, creating a pile of threads. Another possibility is we need to lighten up on ourselves or bring others in to help us more.

We try to keep our life and work purpose separate. Two straight lines do not meet, and one may get too far ahead of the other. A woven purpose seems to gain strength.

Some may find inspiration in the threads of purpose. Others may be frustrated and feel cheated in the words just read.

The point is simple. Life and work intertwine in one way or another. Sometimes, they collide. Other times, they enable each other. Purpose needs to be evident in both. We need to find the right attitude in our work or the right place to work. We need to adjust or refresh our life to contain a healthier purpose in what we do with our time and with whom we spend our time.

Thread your purpose well.