windows of action

Have you looked out your window?

What do you see?


Do you see near?

Do you see far?

Opportunity is in the eye of the peering.


Do you see storms?

Do you see blue skies?

Weather changes. Forecast requires a sense of perseverance and optimism.


Do you see perfection?

Do you see cracks?

Nothing has complete clarity. Explore the chips and fractures.


Do you see tempting beauty almost within reach?

Do you see real beauty nearby?

Temptation is always within reach. Satisfaction is closer. Beauty often blurs what is closest to us. Focus carefully.


Do you see people to embrace?

Do you see only profiles?

Community requires physical and emotional connections. Community is seen and felt.


Do you feel silence?

Do you feel laughter, nature, emotions?

Use quiet to find your voice while opening your ears to absorb. Enable your voice to resonate.


Do you clench death?

Do you grasp life?

Death can close your soul and deafen the sounds of life working to regain your attention.

Life and death are painful. Life requires a lack of absence.


Do you see expressed hearts?

Do you see thanklessness?

Gratitude begins with a spark. Exemplify thankfulness.


Life is filled with windows.










Windows are the prairies where hearts are exposed.

Windows are horizons.

Windows are opportunities.