Deal with it!Depending on how your mindset is tuned in, you may read that headline as an angry command with a corresponding point of “I am tired of hearing you talk about this!”

Another way to hear this statement is in a more encouraging tone with a follow-up comment of “There are always challenges to work through, but you have to address the issues.”

Regardless of the voice of the statement, the point is — Just deal with it!

 We face these moments just about everyday. We have new challenges or existing ones, and we just need to work through them. The choice is ours in how we deal with them:

  • We can whine about our situation
  • We can dwell on the situation
  • We can ignore it, hoping it just goes away on its own
  • We can talk incessantly about the situation without ever taking one action to resolve it

None of those options are valid, in my opinion. Any one of these will take you in a continuous circular motion, wearing you out and all around you, with no movement forward.

Instead, to deal with it, you need to:

Lead through the situation with attitude, meaning have a leadership mindset. Own your challenge. Seek the help you need. Make the necessary decisions. You own your life story. Play the leading role actively, and use supporting roles as needed. Engage!

Work through what you know rather than focusing only on the unknown. Dissect the situation, and identify the parts you can address. Address them, and take the next known fact. Address it. Move forward. Evaluate. Repeat.

Take a break, give people a break. Take the time to refresh, to gain a different perspective. Go to a movie. Go for a long walk. Meditate. Pray. Do something completely different.

Also, give the people around you a break from the challenge or situation. Talk about something else. Ask them what is new with them. Breaks from the “deal with it” challenge will renew your energy, outlook, and thought process.

The breaks may even lead to an inspiration of how to move forward in the best way possible.

So, how do you “deal with it”?