If you have ever walked through a Las Vegas casino or down the Las Vegas Strip, then you know it is an experience. Some people enjoy the “action” of what happens, but I am not one of them. However, some times, business takes you to places that may not be on your bucket list (or any other list, for that matter).

I arrived early to ensure we were ready for opening day of the trade show and, as a result, had some extra time before it all began. When you come to Las Vegas, there are simple choices.

You can stay in the hotel on the Strip, take in the colors that artificially draw you in, and participate in hustle and bustle.

Las Vegas Colors

Another option is to get outside of the artificial setting and explore beyond the immediate boundaries. In the case of Las Vegas, it may mean a quick road trip to Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock Canyon

Although you cannot escape the Las Vegas Strip completely, you can choose how to spend your time. No matter where we are, we have that choice – how we spend our time.

I chose to see Red Rock Canyon on that Sunday and hike on some of the trails. At the end of the day, I felt a little more refreshed, a little more centered. Natural beauty and fresh air have a way of doing this.

These two pictures illustrate, simply, what our choices can look like. They help us visualize what can suck us in or deliver a renewed perspective.

Visual perspectives can cut two ways. One way is that they can pull us in and take our time away unproductively. Another way is that they can reach deep into our soul, slow the pace of time for a moment, and sprinkle us with a refreshed breeze of what may be possible.

It is easy to stay put. It is harder to get up, go out, and do something that pulls us away from what looks good where we are. At times, we need to break away to regain, or maintain, what is important in our lives. It is about living by certain principles and living with purpose.

We need to strive to make the right choice on how we use our time… it is our choice. Visualize it. See through where it can take us, and then select the best place to use your time.