What if time...?Time is one of those things we all wrestle with. We are all given the same amount each day. We wake-up; we do work; we interact with family and friends. We repeat. After a time series flips forward, we wonder where it all went, especially when we don’t have too much to really show for it.

What if we treated time differently? Would this make a difference in how we use it?

What if time was an object?

If time was an object, we would grab on to it firmly. We may treat it like a pen or keyboard and actively write a meaningful life story. We may embrace it like a piece of art, understanding the full value while sharing it with many.

The danger may be that, as an object, time sits on a shelf, collecting dust.

What if time was a recipe?

If time was a recipe, we would select the right ingredients to create something enticing and nourishing. As we tried to perfect the recipe, we might try different items to craft something new or spice up the result.

The danger may be that, as a recipe, time becomes like a cookbook, taking someone else’s creation to claim as our own.

What if time was a ticket?

If time was a ticket, we would let it take us to new places, gaining fresh experiences and expanding our horizons. We would understand different cultures, soak in environmental beauty, and interact with unique communities. We would view life as an adventure.

The danger may be that, as a ticket, time would become just a destination, ignoring the daily challenges and forgetting those closest to us.

What if time was a field?

If time was a field, we would plant seeds with great faith and hope of harvesting abundance as seasons unfolded. We would use our time to get our hands dirty in caring for the soil from which good, enriching things would spring from.

The danger may be that, as a field, time would be rushed to results by adding too many chemical additives or skipping a reasonable, refreshing rotation.

What if time was ours?

Time is ours. It is not a “what if” question. It is ours to show, mix, go, and plant.

  • Our time illustrates who we are as a person.
  • Our time contains a mix of actions taken, relationships built, and words spoken.
  • Our time shows where we have been and where we are headed.
  • Our time produces as much as we put into it, if not more.

It is our choice on what we do with our time.