It's On Me

When the alarm rings, it’s on me to get up.

When work piles up, it’s on me to work through it.

When relationships are strained, it’s on me to fix them.

When goals are undefined, it’s on me to understand.

When errors happen, it’s on me to accept responsibility.

When kids get out of control, it’s on me to hold them accountable.

When relationships falter, it’s on me to open my heart.

When healthy habits fade, it’s on me to run, jump, and lift.

When life is a maze, it’s on me to choose a path.

When prayers seem unanswered, it’s on me to discern a direction.

When all quakes, it’s on me to breathe deeply.

When someone needs help, it’s on me to extend a hand.

When quietness falls, it’s on me to watch, read, or listen.

When night comes, it’s on me to dream deeply.

When it’s all on me, how do I hold it all together?

It’s on me.


Note: Taking a different approach with this post. Often, we feel this way. We feel like it is on us to make changes or make things happen. Although there is a necessary element of personal responsibility, it does take all working together to reach a better way.

How do you balance the wear of a day, week, or month? Do you take it on alone or with the help of others?