How Do You Describe Passion? A Gelato Lesson.

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This past summer we took a father-sons weekend trip. Part of it took us to Portland, Maine, and into Gorgeous Gelato to discover wonderful gelato and a delectable quote on the wall.

Passion Like Gelato

The passion of gelato.

In my opinion, Auguste Escoffier, an Italian chef, captured the essence of passion in description. Here’s why.

  • It sets the importance of gelato in the context of the complete picture of a meal.
  • It places a responsibility on someone to create it, putting the right effort into gelato to make it the finest possible.
  • There is an emphasis of place in this way – nowhere is better than where we are to create and make our mark of significance.

Read it again with my emphasis added.

“Gelato, although at the end of the lunch, is no less important than the rest of the meal.

If beautifully prepared and presented, Gelato represents the finest of delicacies.

Nowhere but in Italy has the genius and creativity of the art of making gelato produced such a delicacy.

Italy, cradle of all Arts, certainly can be known as cradle of the art of making gelato, as well.” – Auguste Escoffier, Chef (1846-1935)

Think about this in terms of living a passionate life.

Living today, although we have many days ahead, is no less important than the rest to come.

If beautifully lived and engaged, a full and purpose-filled life represents the finest of opportunities.

Nowhere but in our community has the genius, creativity, and the art of making our life come fully alive convened.

Our life, cradle of all possibility, certainly can be known as a cradle of the art of making a purpose-filled life, as well.”

The passion in which Auguste Escoffier described gelato sets an example of the passion in which we should describe our life.

Passion comes to our life through:

  • Context and envisioning
  • Responsibility and effort
  • Place and opportunity

Our life is an art. So, grab some gelato and start living with a passion to survive the ages!

How would you describe passion in life?

Jon Mertz
Jon Mertz is one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business and highlighted as one of the Leaders to Watch in 2015 by the American Management Association. He also is the author of Activate Leadership: Aspen Truths to Empower Millennial Leaders. Jon serves as vice president of marketing at Corepoint Health. Outside of his professional life, Jon brings together a community to inspire Millennial leaders and close the gap between two generations of leaders.
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  • Deone Higgs says:

    A “delectable” post concerning passion, Jon! 🙂 I can certainly see how you would use Gorgeous Gelato to describe this topic of passion in our lives.

    Passion is not coincidental, it doesn’t just happen. It’s intertwined into who we are. It’s developed purposefully and gives our lives meaning. When we find our passion we no longer go through life existing from day to day. We have a reason for being, and each day is another we believe we’ve been given to carry out that passion.

    Our passion introduces us to our purpose.

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